Monday, February 25, 2008

Jo's Session 7

Hi Jo
1) Set up your blog and post a message.
In your message, include the 3 A's - Aha, Affirmation, Application. The Aha is something you learned today that you didn't know before. The Affirmation is something that affirmed what you already knew or believed. The Application is how you will apply what you learned today about technology integration.
2) Send the website address for the blog you created to Jo in WebCT internal mail.

My aha moment would be the fact that technology is changing so fast and that has not happen in the past over such a short time span.

My affirmation is that kids are using technology more and more and losing a lot of the communiction skills that are valuable in people skills. I beleive that we are not better off to have so much computer use and so little face to face communication. Where is the imagination and play of children in this day and age? Kids do not know how to go outdoors and entertain themselves anymore. Also the issue of obesity I feel is related to computers and coming home from school and sitting for hours at the computer.

My application is that I will have the students use the computer to do a math application and I also hope to set up a class blog site for my coop.

My I wonder what will happen is: What will happen to all the teacher jobs when school is digital? I work at Siast and our day time program is down and the SCN broadcasts are up. what happens to the jobs of all the day teachers when the digital teacher can connect to thousands of students on their computers at home?