Friday, July 20, 2007

different ways of teaching

I am excited that people are taking the time to reply to my blog. I never expected that to happen. Thank You, I appreciate the feed back.

I don't really see the computer as a seperate identity and I see the possibilities of it's use in language and the other domains. The story book is a great way for students to express themselves, you are right. And better yet - if we can get the parents "hooked" through a story book about their family for example, then the parents might get more involved with the school and that would be a wonderful thing.



Shareski said...

Parent involvement is great and critical but the beauty is it isn't limited to that...we have the world.

Jane said...

I couldn't agree with you more Dean. I believe that writing for the world is almost like a "selling" feature when teachers are having to make justifications to others as to the benefites of using technology in the classroom.

Brian said...

I agree Rhonda getting parents involved is always a wonderful thing. Absolutely. Brian Nenson