Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Emergent Curriculum

I was thinking about technology and how it fits with emergent curriculum in the way that it all begins with observation of the children and their interestes. If teachers are truly listening to their students then they may hear topics on technology that may interest those children. Then following the style of emergent curriculum - we need to select that particular group of students who have that interest, and not the whole class. With this select group we can focus on what type of technology they have an interest in and guide those students into acquiring new knowledge. We do not have to teach the same thing to every single student in our classroom. Technology and emergent curriculum go together in other ways such as collaborating with our fellow peers, co workers, and mentors to gain better understandings and to utilize an pick their brains for things we may lack or need to learn more about ourselves.

When we think of children as being capable, competent, and resourceful we will create an environment for them to learn in that challenges them to be their best. Children need a wide range of media to express themselves and communicate through and though the technology side is certainly growing by leaps and bounds, I hope as teachers we always remember that not all children learn the same way.

As Reggio Emilia said, "children have 100 languages" and often in the past we have taken away 99 ways of learning and left them with the pen and paper to express their ideas. I guess what I hope is that the computer won't become the one language that we leave the children with while we take away the other 99.


Red Neck Girl said...

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Crystal said...

Hi Ronda,
I agree one hundred percent with what you have written here about technology and the one hundred languages. As future teachers, I think that us remembering the "100 languages quote" is vital. We have to remember that each student is different and in order to be successful we have to adapt to every students ability. The computer definitely another language and as teachers we have to embrace this "language" so students can benefit. The days of pen and paper seem to be shifting, but we can not forget that this to is another language. Once a teacher masters the idea that every child is special and learns their own way is when a teacher becomes successful. It would be very frustrating and endless battle if we continuously tried to teach students in the same way day after day.

Stepa said...

Fine words said by Reggio Emilia indeed emphasize urgent need in ICT and, specially, Internet 2.0 resources. It will add many more tools to teacher’s arsenal and languages for teaching process. One of the steps to this goal must be making the teachers to feel more comfortable in usingh new technologies.

Brian said...

Yes on hitting multiple intelligences and I think computers will just enhance and create new learning avenues and not hinder any others. Brian Nenson